Photo Submission Reference

  • Select a photo you have taken that inspires you and you think would be inspiring to others.
  • Determine what part of the year it is best suited for: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Ordinary Time.
  • Choose a one-word theme for the photo.
  • Add your copyright notice [© and your name only] if you want, and save the photo in a jpeg format in a size that will work well for the web, ie 72 dpi and no larger than 700 pixels in height or width. Resize photos in any photo editing or storage software.
  • Photos are posted with a theme word and a caption. If you would like to provide the caption, make sure it is no more than 25 words. If you don’t provide a caption, we’ll add one for you.
  • Download & complete the Use Agreement.
  • Send the photo in a separate jpeg file, a suggested caption and the signed copy of the User Agreement to Note to Mac users: send as a Plain Text [found under “message format.”]

What Makes a Good Photo?

  • Good composition or balance of the elements in the photo
  • Appropriate exposure and use of light
  • Good focus
  • Evokes feelings
  • Eye-catching
  • Invites the viewer to pause and ponder

How Do I Think of a Caption?
Here are some examples we like:

  • ESSENCE We are buoyed up by the grace of God.
  • SUPPORT There’s strength in knowing that, when you reach out, another hand is there to meet yours.
  • FUN A mass of masts?! May you find fun in your blessed life today.
  • CREATIVITY God of creativity, we watch for your surprises.

Here are some ideas for generating captions, should you need help:

  • What about the photo inspires you? Invite others to that inspiration.
  • Sit with the photo and ask yourself what it is trying to say about God, Christ and the holy.
  • Think about how the image speaks to the theme and what it says.
  • Pray about what God wants said with this photo.

I’ve completed the Use Agreement. Now what?

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